Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday last day of the week!!! I love summer hours, get to leave at noon today, and we are off to the trailer. Going to take my hexagons to work on, and might make a beer can table this weekend weather permitting.  At the trailer most "artsy" things I do outside with juanita, she is the artist in the group.  We also need to finish the coupbards in the trailer, and I need to get some new curtains.
I bought this baby a few weeks ago on KIJIJI for all of $20.00.  She is a white 1315, last night I set it up in the sewing room.  Had trouble getting it to sew, but was able to find the manual for it, and after threading it right and taking out the4 bobin mechanisim, It started to sew fine. I love these old machines.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another post

This is the third post today, am I ever on a roll.  I'm trying to make up for all the posts I haven't done over the last few months.  Last month seemed to be a month where I wanted to knit or crocheted.  I made the follwing baby blankets

 the rest of the material I bought at fabricville.  only a meter of each of the blacks.  I also liked this baby pannel, and picked up the blues/purples for a backing.


This is the machine I bought for $20.00 from Kijiji. Its a White 1315, I want to set this one up in the back room to sew with  last night I tried to get it to work, but it wouldn't sew it didn't seem to pick up the bobbin thread.  I did a search on youtube and found this video on how a sewing machine works.  I will try tonight to take out the babin and make sure its oiled inside and is turning and the thread is going aroung the bobbin.

Thursday more to go

Only 1 more day this week to work.  I want to do some sewing, but hate the idea that I have to set the sewing machine up every time I want to sew.  So I've decided the "back room" which is just a room at the back of the house where the stairs to go up stairs are will be my sewing room.  Here is a picture of the material I bought the other day a fabricville since it was on sale.
There are 2 other pictures, some black/white and a baby quilt square, but they don't seem to want to upload right now.