Wednesday, April 1, 2015

3 posts in one day

My third post today.  I'm feeling great today.  Spring is in the air.  Ok we still have snow on the ground and they are calling for more flurries this weekend, but the temperature is just around freezing so it could be either snow or rain.  It's April which means any snow we get will not last.  I  got into a crocheting mood last week and decided it was time for one of my Baby Face dolls to have a new outfit.  If you are not familiar with  the Baby Face doll just do a search on google and you will find them.  They are one of my favorite dolls they were made by the same makers that made the cabbage patch dolls.  They were only released in 1990 and 1991 and they have different faces showing different moods.  Like so sorry Sarah, so happy Heide and so on.  There are not many patterns for clothes for these dolls, there are some sewing patterns for them but I'm not good at sewing clothes. I picked up my crochet cotton and decided to see what I cold make.  Here is her first outfit.

Then I decided she needed a St Patrick days outfit, so out came my green crochet cotton.

I have had this little doll around for awhile and she/he not sure which is a mechanical doll that crawls. She has been sitting around in this ugly outfit for awhile.
Well had to make her an outfit so I got my knitting needles out and followed a pattern I had in one of my books and voila.

Oh No hubby can count

Opps Hubby can count he counted the number of sewing machines I have and counted 17.  He keeps telling me I can only sew on one at a time.  I tell him he only can wear one pair of underwear at a time but he owns more than 1.  Ok so  not 17 but then sewing machines are much more fun.  I bought a Necchi sewing machine a few weeks ago that was advertised on Craigslist for $80.00,  No I have Singer and White but no Necchi and this one is a supernova, She sews like a charm and the gentleman I bout her from is a retired airline mechanic and now loves the vintage sewing machines and will repair any I have for next to nothing.  He just loves the old machines.

its Christmas or a featherweight

yesterday was even better than Christmas.  I look threw kijiji alo just to see what sewing machines are there for sale, and by chance there was a featherweight for sale.  A feather weight here in Montreal are rare and they are always at least $250.00.  Well low and behold there was a featherweight for sale for $150.00 and 5 minutes away from where I live, well lets just say it was in my house within a 1/2 hr.  Oh and of course I had to negotiate a little so only paid $130.00 for it.  I  got it home plugged it in and threaded it and away she went, she is in perfect condition.  I even checked the bobbin winder and it worked perfectly too.  Case in good condition and 2 keys with it.  I absolutely love this machine.  It looks like a toy machine is only 6 lbs and sews like a dream.

Her name is Calli as I bought her on Caledonia street