Sunday, October 19, 2014

some times

Some times I think I should of been born at least 60 years before I was.  I love old houses old cars and the idea of living on a farm.  I love the idea of recycling things.  I think most of all I love the life my grandmother lead.  She  use to be a mid wife for a doctor in her younger days, she ran a boarding house, was a foster mother, and raised a family, and taught me to love knitting, crocheting quilting she never could get me to love cooking though.  I am lucky, I live in the house my father built about 8 years before I was born, and I mean he built, wasn't a contractor involved like now.  This house had 8 of us living in it when I was young 3, brothers, my mother father and my grandmother and grandfather.  There is only my hubby and I now living here, 3 floor, with 3 bedrooms.  Now you would think that there is plenty of room, but there really isn't it contains "stuff" from over 60 years.  Some of it is priceless to me.  Here is a picture my grandmother painted when I was just a child.
I remember watching my grandmother paint when I was around 5, but not after that.  I do remember her making this peteitepoint for my parents,  it has hung on the living room wall for over 20 years.
It doesn't look that big here but it is.  She worked on it for years, on this large frame.

My 2 male dogs, they certainly don't keep the couch neat, ok we blame it on the dog, but it's really hubby that leaves it like this.

September the best month of the year

I love September!!!  cool evenings and warm days.  The second week in September is a busy week.  All  the vegetables are in and it's time to close up the trailer.  The problem with closing the trailer is that it all has to be done in one weekend, so everything has to be put away and the pipes blown out electricity turned off and closed up till next year.  So we go from

to this....

Then home  to  freeze vegetables 20 lbs of carrots 15 of turnips 4 bags of beans and a dozen corn.

 Do I need to do this amount anymore, as there is just me and hubby?   It's like I have no choice, my dad and I did this all the time when he was alive.  He was a farmer at heart that moved to the big city when he married my mother in 1946.  Growing up there was 8 of us in the house me, 4 brothers (6,7,8 years older than me) and my mother's parents.  We had 2 huge freezers in the basement and a pantry always stocked.  I am my father's daughter, I have been able to cut down to 2 small freezers.