Monday, January 6, 2014

Second day of Things to finish

I wanted to get all the things I want to finish my UFO and list them, its a time to finish things and not buy anything new.  The only negative thing about this is that hubby will now know how many UFO's there are.  I am suprised at how many I have but even tho I bought some of theses things years ago I still love them as much today as the day I bought them.  The internet has been such a reat thing but there are also not some good things about it.  I opened an email from our local craft store here in Quebec, and for then next 2 days they are having sales, one of the sales is cotton at 99 cents a meter, now I know that it will be a very limited quantity of fabric design, but 99 cents?  I don't need any more material at this time and taxes are coming up, so I am fighting with myself trying to not go.  I'm glad I did this list of UFO's because it is helping me not to go buy anything more.  So on with the list.

11. lap quilt needs border and then quilted

 12, my Dresden plate laptop, not sure about border

 13. this shouldn't count as a UFO, but hubby and sister-in-law bought me this mag for Christmas because they liked this quilt

 14. squares made for a jean rag quilt need  to sew them together and decide how to finish it

14 baby jean rag quilt, needs to be washed then need to decide how to finish it.

 15. missing picture knitted in the square baby blanket.

16, cushion

 17, cushion

 18. cross stitched mug rug to finish


 19-20two cushions to be quilted, bought these many years ago


 21. baby blanket, always loved this baby blanket.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Year For Finishes

A  New Year! This year I plan on finishing a lot of projects that I have had around for a log or short time.  I'll have some extra time, as I will only be working 1 day a week for the next 3 months.  I'm lucky that I have good medical coverage 85% salary on the days off.  The following is a list of finishes for this year.  I wish!!
The pictures are not that great, you would think hubby would of taken them outside and taken the pictures, ok I guess snow and that it was -20 was a good reason not to.
This top I finished a few months ago and am now hand quilting it.  I hand quilt most of my items.


2.  finish hand quilting this baby blanket
3.  finish this cushion with a zipper so it can be washed and stuffed to hubby's desire
4.finish this baby blanket, I have a thing for baby blankets and this design
5. this cross stitch quilt block. this is what got me into quilting 3 years ago.  There are 6 squares, and I had to back it  with white cotton to make it so you couldn't see the thread on the back.  I think I'll quilt it with small knots and hope it looks like rain drops.  4 squares are done, 2 to go.
6.  Hexagon quilt that I started over a year ago, the top is 3/4 finished but I can't find the baggie that has the unfinished hexagons in it.  Tore the house apart this weekend looking for it, but couldn't find it,  I'm hoping it is in my desk drawer AT WORK.
7.  This is a mini quilt that I did during my paper piecing stage, just need to quilt it.
8.  This should be a quick finish, another cushion, we won't talk about the lap quilt to go with it.
9.  Lap quilt that needs to be backed and quilted, but might put on a border to it.  This was to use some of my 2 1/2 squares up.
10  This quilt top was done in December, it is a pattern from Bonnie Hunter's site, I liked the pattern and wanted to try it.  Lap top sized quilt that needs a boarder, backed and quilted.
That's it for today, now don't think that is all the UFO's I have another 10 I'll post on Monday or Tuesday, since Monday is my day to work.  I also will try to post some things that I finished in December.