Monday, November 10, 2014

A beautiful Monday morning

Monday morning!!! Doesn't mean much theses days as I'm still off work.   I am getting a lot of sewing and knitting and rug hooking done.  I love my crafts, every day I get to work on something I love doing.  I found out that I can get the feed dogs on my Singer 15-91 to drop, which means I can do free motion quilting on it. 
Up till now I have either had do hand quilt my machines or I could do parallel line quilting on one of my older machines.  But now I can free motion quilt so to see if I liked it I pulled out my first quilt top I made.  I made this quilt top about 2 years ago when I first started quilting, back then I just wanted to learn to sew.  One summer I cut out all the pieces with scissors pen and ruler and sewed them together.  I learned a lot that summer about using machines and needles and thread.  The top then sat in a drawer for years, I never wanted to take the time to hand quilt it, so when I found out that the 15-91 could do free motion quilting I pulled it out and though well instead of throwing it out might as well try free motion quilting on it.   Here it is...

I used a sheet that I had bought at Value Village for the backing.

I like how it turned out and so does hubby and the 2 little dogs seem to like it too.
The final test, my Buddy wouldn't even wait for me to finish taking pictures to test it out.  It has his stamp of approval.  So I guess this means I can do some more free motion quilting and finish some of the quilts I have sitting around

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