Wednesday, April 1, 2015

its Christmas or a featherweight

yesterday was even better than Christmas.  I look threw kijiji alo just to see what sewing machines are there for sale, and by chance there was a featherweight for sale.  A feather weight here in Montreal are rare and they are always at least $250.00.  Well low and behold there was a featherweight for sale for $150.00 and 5 minutes away from where I live, well lets just say it was in my house within a 1/2 hr.  Oh and of course I had to negotiate a little so only paid $130.00 for it.  I  got it home plugged it in and threaded it and away she went, she is in perfect condition.  I even checked the bobbin winder and it worked perfectly too.  Case in good condition and 2 keys with it.  I absolutely love this machine.  It looks like a toy machine is only 6 lbs and sews like a dream.

Her name is Calli as I bought her on Caledonia street

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