Friday, May 25, 2012

How to stop smoking and trying not to go nuts

I made the decision to quit smoking in mid April. Had been thinking about it for awhile and I got up one morning and said today is the day. I was doing fine then from May 7 to May 11 ended up in the hospital with a bacterial infection in my leg. That was even ok, but then 3 days after getting out of the hospital my pointing finger on my right hand was sore and swollen. Ok not a big deal right? Well I couldn't sew or even cut material out. So for a week and 1/2 I basically couldn't do any crafts. So for the whole month of May I haven't gotten anything done on my quilts. This weekend I am able to use my fingers a little so should be able to get some sewing done. I want to finish that table runner that I posted about earlier; I still love doing hexagons. I have decided that I want to quilt like my grandmother did; I want to recycle old fabric. I went to a second hand store this week and bought some pillow cases and duvet covers, got tons of fabric and cost me $20.00. This stash should give me enough material to make 2 quilt tops and even the backs. Now to pick a pattern I like. The material is also 50%polyester and 50% cotton, so guess it won't matter what thread I use.  Oh and I still have managed to stay sane and not smoke

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