Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HOT Just Way Too HOT

Oh well the best plans sometimes just doesn’t happen.  I was so looking forward to going to see that “mill” this weekend, and it didn’t happen. The weather at the trailer and here also was just to hot to do anything.  You know those days where just lifting your arms is taxing and the sweat is rolling down your back.  We left after sundown on Saturday to come home.  With 4 dogs, the heat wasn’t good for them or for us.   I came home and did some sewing.  I actually set up my sewing machine .  Sewed a border around the Noa’s baby blanket, a single blanket with dogs on it and the hexagon table runner.  I also took apart this gold material that I had bought for backing for the first quilt I ever made.   I decided to use the gold in 2 ½ ‘ strips around the small Dresden plates.  I know I should take pictures, I carry my camera with me all the time yet never take pictures.  I promise to take them this weekend.  Pat painted the outside of the add-on for the trailer, it looks much better brown.  It blends in with the forest more, it use to be white but white never stays clean looking.  Hopefully I’ll hand sew the 3 bindings on the pieces this weekend.  It is not supposed to be as hot as last weekend, so I might actually think about having something in my hand.  Oh and how stupid can I be, imagine trying to teach someone to knit with worsted weight wool when the temperature is 32 degrees celsius or 91 fahreneit which felt more like 105.

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