Friday, September 28, 2012

Summer is over the trailer is closed for the winter.  Hubby starts coaching hockey and I spend my weekends at home relaxing.  I love the trailer during the summer I look forward all week to getting away to the country, but as soon as September rolls around I love the idea of staying home on the weekends tually getting things around the house done.   I did get to go to the place where the wood was sold, it is such a lovely place with horses and goats.
This is the seen as you drive into the yard.  I wanted to pick up some pieces of wood cut into cookie size to spread among the rocks in the rireplace area.  I also wanted to make some tables just from logs split in half.
I wish they had horses in quilt stores, I would have no problem dragging hubby alongn if they did.

The one on the left met us when we pulled in he was friendly.
this little guy seemed thirsty, he shared the water with the dog.

I am amazed at people that can create or build things, the gentelman that owned this built the saloon and the benches, and he had built dog houses and lots of other thins you had to look for as in a sandbox, a shed.

I really loved the tranquilty of this place, and loved all the animals.

Here is the trailer where I spend my summer weekends, if you look on the chair right in front of the trailer you will see a quillt I was working on.  Yes there is a trailer there it just has an add on in the front of 12 feet by 24 feet.  During the summer I spend most days outside sewing or knitting or crocheting or planning things we need our hubby's to do. I choose a series that I haven't seen and watch it on my laptop at nights.  In the past I watched Boston Legal one summer Lost another one, and this summer I watched The Gilmore Girls. 
At night hubby sits at the fire and talks to the neighbours, and I love the look of the spot as it makes me feel so calm and relaxed.  You can see the wood cookies in among the rocks and the log tables if you look closelely.
One of the women in the campground was pregnant this summer and hubby asked me if I would make her a blanket, so I picked this panel out and quilted it over the summer and gave it to her at the beginning of the summer.  It worked out perfectly as she decided the theme to the baby's room was going to be under water, and so I'm sure she would need a Noha's ark.



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