Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18 already.  I haven't even started to do Christmas shopping yet or decorate the house.  It just hasn't felt like Christmas till today.  I think my Christmas spirit doesn't kick in until there is snow on the ground.  Well we had snow today, those big fluffy flakes that make you think of sleigh rides in the country.  I'm stuck here at work for another 1/2hr.  When I leave it will be too dark to take pictures outside, so I will try to take some tomorrow morning.  I hope I get some taken as they are calling for warm weather on Thursday which means it will all probably melt, but then the weather men are usually wrong, and this time I'm hoping they are.  I want a white  Christmas. 
 Hubby and I as our Christmas gift to each other decided to get a new puppy.  We have 5 dogs now, but our oldest dog is getting to be really old and her time is coming to an end, and she is our guard dog. So we wanted a new pup that will be a guard like Trish, so I wanted a smart dog and decided I wanted a German Shepard.  We wanted a female as our big dog Buddy gets along better with females than males.  So found the litter 9 puppies in the litter 6 cute little German Shepard pups, and 2 black and whites pups that looked like Bernese Mountain dogs.   Well lets just say our new pup Amy is black and white.  She is a real cutie, but some how I don't think she is going to be much of a guard dog.
Only 3 more days of work till I have 11 days off for Christmas.  I'm so looking forward to the time off, I can do some work on projects that I have around the house.  I should make myself a list of things that I want to finish in 2013, and start getting at them.  I am also making a promise that I will post at least 4 times a week in 2013.  Oh and I'm also going to quit smoking on January3,2013.

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