Monday, November 12, 2012

my favorite corner

this has become my favorite corner in the house.  The couch my dd made many many years ago, the cushions on it had become recked after having had 4 kids jumping on it for years.  I always wanted to get around to recovering those cushions, maybe one day I will.  The quilt on the wall is the second one I made.  The picture on the wall of the little girl wringing the bell is a cross stitch I did, I always loved this one.  The small picture is one that a friend painted, and gave me.  And of course the cushions on the couch are different cushions I have made.

Below is a picture of the mice I was knitting, it was my face for a few weeks.  I have some more done now, must remember to take another picture of them.

I am curently working on christmas balls.  Will take a pic soon of them.

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