Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring is finally here

It has been such a long winter, at times I wondered if spring would ever get here. This week is the first week that I have felt there is hope that Summer is comming.  Its a sunny day and not too cold, and the snow is nearly all gone.  I've been busy this last month with starting a new job, ok not really a new job but had some  responsibilities added. I have been quilting every night, I've discoverd minature quilts and my newest interest is mug rugs.  Here is a mug rug I just made from some hexies that I had left over from one of the minature quilts I was working on.  the minature quilt is finished and pinned but is waiting to be hand quilted.  I decided the mug rug would have no right side or wrong side, so each side has 19 hexies.  I then put batting in between and sewed them together.

 As you can see I keep my pens and pencils in a cup on my desk at work. 


  1. Cute mug rug....and it is snowing like crazy here right now ! I am not sure we are ever going to get sring on the Praries !!

  2. I think we were spoiled last year, our sping was neice nad early, this year, since the spring is slow in comming lets just hope that the winter will be slow in comming.