Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring is here

April 25, 2013 Thursday

We are finally getting spring like weather, the question is will we get any Tulips this year.  This is what are Tulips looked like on April 14,2013


The plants are still alive but no flowers yet.


I ended up making another 2 mug rugs.
I love doing paper pieced hexagons, or anything hand sewed as they are so easy to carry with me in my backpack to work.  I should make one more of these so I have a set of 4. Another thing on my todo list.
I also have diamonds that I paper piece, here is one of the miniature blankets I’m working on,  I just need to hand quilt it now. This was a fun blanket to make, altho I had to rip out a few blocks, as our new puppy decide she didn't like a few of them and chewed them.  My fault tho I shouldn't of left it in a place where she could get it.

I jopined a group on yahoo a month ago called smallquilttalk.  I love this group each month they have a mini quilt to work on, by doing them I learn so much.  I did these 3 mini quilts for the April month one.  After doing them i can see where I really need to take more time in making sure the blocks go together right, with this small of work when things don't match it really shows.

I also finished a minature scrappy quilt for my dolls.
Just took quick pics of theses blankets this morning before leaving for work.

Only 2 more weekends before the tailer park opens, then I get to go and spend my weekends in the country.  I so am looking forward to sitting around the camp fire and chatting with friends, and doing some hand sewing.


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