Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A little knitting

Tuesday seems like a great day , the trailer opens this Friday and next weekend is a long weekend.  The weather is beautiful right now with temperatures in the 70’s, even the tulips are in bloom.  I’ve decided that the rest of this year will be finishing up projects I have going and not starting new ones, or if I start a new one then it will only be to use up my stash of yarn or material.   This past week I put the quilting aside, and did some knitting.  A friend was knitting this pattern which was free at http://www.elann.com/commerce.web/product_search_results.aspx?keyword=pinwheel%20sweater .
I really loved the look of it, and have tons of knitting worsted yarn laying around, so I knitted up 2 child size sweaters. 

Here they are on 2 dolls I have, they would fit a  2 or 3 year old.  The first picture is not too bad, unfortunately the second one the colors are slightly off as I took them with a flash.
I would love to make the adult one in the colors shown on the elann site, but for now I’ve started and adult size one with some yarn I have on hand.  At lunch hours right now I am crocheting a dress potholder for a fellow quilt blogger that doesn’t crochet. 

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