Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 4th I keep promising myself that I will try to blog more often then never do.  I think its because I always want to post a picture when I post, and of course I've forgotten to take the picture.  Well Summer is almost here, it is starting to get warmer here.  I'm thinking about buying an air conditioner to put in at the trailer.  Having 5 dogs with us, they need a place to get out of the heat.  This weekend I did nothing, not any knitting, crocheting or sewing, just couldn't settle down to something. When I got home yesterday there was a box waiting for me.  I so love getting things in the mail.  This was some wool I had ordered from Elann, and some knitting needles, as the sweaters that are knitted in the round you need a very long circular needled, so I ordered the new type of knitting needle that you attach to different lengths of cables.  I also ordered 12 balls of this cotton in order to make another of the circular sweaters.   The really nice part was I happened to order the stuff on memorial day and they had a special on, so I got 8 balls of wool for free, the free stuff took up just as much space as my order.  I think I might knit some winter baby hats with it, or even a baby sweater.  So much tofinish and so litle time.

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