Monday, July 15, 2013

I read a lot of the Blogs on quilting, and some times I think “boy do I live a boring life” .  I don’t go away on vacations, and I don’t have a lot of quilting pictures, because I work full time, and there is not much time left for quilting.  But this weekend I looked around me and realized that I have a wonderful life that I just need to appreciate the things I have.   I live in Montreal a large city, and I am 5 minutes away from the airport, so things are busy and noisy.  I am use to the noisy I’ve lived in my home for 57 years, my father built the house back in the days when the area was considered the country for the city dwellers, and the area was mostly farms.  On the weekends during the summer we have a trailer in the country, it is so nice and peaceful, no phone, no TV and no internet. 
Yes that is a dog on a pillow on the table, Tinker likes to be up off the ground, as there is too many mosquitos on the ground , so put a pillow anywhere and she will get on it and go to sleep.
 You can listen to the birds and watch the clouds float by.  If you want to go for a little drive about 10 minutes you can drive over to Huntington which is a beautiful small town that has the prettiest waterfall.   



This Saturday was a perfect day in the country, not too cold not too hot and no rain.  Hubby went golfing with 3 friends, now that might not seem like a big thing, but hubby has only played golf once or twice in his life.  He had a great time as the others he played with didn’t take the game seriously they all just went out to have a good time.
Tonight I go and pick up 2 "new" sewing machines I found on Kijjiji one is a vintage machine "White" wich is supose to still work and has the knee pedal, and is only costing $20.00
.  The other is the old treddle Singer sewing machine.  This one is costing 70.00 but I love the look of the machine, and the lady still has the book for it and  spare parts.

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