Thursday, August 7, 2014

has it been that long

I can't believe it, 7 months since I've posted!  So much for new years resolutions.  I really did want to post at least 3 times a week this year, but it has been a bad year for health problems.  I was born with 3 heart defects, and the problems they cause are getting worse as I get older.  I'm back at work now at 3 days a week, and the doctors don't think I will ever return full time. 
I now have an empty nest.  My son who is 23 has moved out and is now living with his girlfriend(Michele) and her 3 year old son(Theo).   You watch your children grow and are there to help them and guide them along their way.  By the time they are in their late teen years and early 20's there is not much left to do other  than to watch them struggle through the Mom knows nothing and why even talk to her stage.  You try to stay patient and you hope that you gave them enough of a solid upbringing that they will be able to become a good adult.  My son(William) seemed to become a man over night, he brought a girlfriend home to meet us. Introduced us to Michele and her 3 year old son Theo.  So in March my son started transforming into a man, and I really like the man he has become.  I see him with Theo and am proud of the father I see him becoming.  I wasn't sad when he move out in July, for me it was just the natural progression of things. 
For the last 7 months I have been resting, sewing, crocheting, knitting and doing cross stitch.  This winter seemed to be a long and hard one, it just never seemed to end, but spring finally did happen.  We opened the trailer again, and I was able to spend long weekends  there plating or sitting out side.  I like hand made things of every kind, and I love to see things that people would normally throw away used for something.  A friend was throwing out some pallets, or was going to burn them, well as soon as I saw them I had this vision. a fence with flower shelves.  Here they are, and I do like how the turned out and best of all they cost nothing.

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