Wednesday, September 3, 2014

the year was 1935...

The year was 1935 and everyone was excited looking forward to a new year at Ohio State University.  This year would be the start of an exciting 2 years for Ohio State as a young  man would become a student there.  A young man that could run like the wind and would set 3 world records and tie another all within 45 minutes.  At the 1936 Summer Olympics he would win 4 gold medals for the United States.  Probably one of the greatest athletes that the world has known.  Jesse Owens would go down in history books, but he was never given a scholarship, he couldn't travel with the team, nor could he eat in the same restaurant as the rest of the team, nor could he live on campus, because he was a black man. 

The year was 2014 and John Abbott College for a few days was transformed into Ohio State University to film the story of Jesse Owens.  One of the best things about working for the college is that during the summer the campus is sometimes used to film new movies.  This year we got lucky and it was a film from 1935 and they brought in all the old vehicles from that year.  For just a few days we were able to imagine what it would be like back in the 30's.

I changed the photos to b/w as I  thought that it was more appropriate.


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