Friday, September 12, 2014

not one of those projects...

Sometime I wonder what I got myself into, ok most of the time I wonder that.  There are some projects that I wonder why I ever decided to start.   There are 2 projects I'm working on right now that will take me ages and ages to finish, but I refuse to give up on, one is a cross stitch Christmas tablecloth Dash Away Santa, and of course I had to buy the largest one they had which was 60 X 104.  This table cloth takes ages to do, I am working on it for at least 2 hours a night and hope I can get it finished for this Christmas. I've finished the napkins to go with it.

The other project I'm working on is a latch hook rug, I want this one to go beside the bed and resemble a patch work quilt. 

I'd like to bring the double bed up from the basement into the spare room upstairs and set the room up to be a bedroom again.  Right now it is being used as a  storage room, and hubby is such a pain when it comes to changing anything around, that I will probably have a fight on my hands to do it.

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