Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday at 3:10, only 40 more minutes till the weekend, Halleluiah I’m so looking forward to the weekend.  This weekend I am working on setting up one of the spare rooms, ok let us call it Willy’s old room.  My son decided a few months  ago to move to the basement, I left his room alone for a while to make sure he didn’t want to come back, but it seems that he likes the basement, so that means I have another spare room.  The other spare room is known as the baby room, as it has a crib in it, and a lot of baby dolls.  So Willy’s old room has been painted my favorite color, maple leaf.  I bought a carpet for the floor as the floor was a mess.  I moved one of the benches I have to in between the cupboards, where my bigger dolls will sit.  I found some old curtains we had packed away in a case.  The house I now own was built by my father over 60 years ago and when growing up in it there was my grandmother, grandfather, mom dad and 3 brothers.  My grandparents and father never threw anything away, I think that is whee my love of quilting began,  my grandmother would never throw old clothes away, she would recycle them into quilts or aprons.   The curtains I found were handmade by my grandmother, and along with them I found a camera from the 1940’s.   I’ll be moving a couch that my dad made years ago into the room, I want most of what is in this room to be hand made.  I want to make a list of things that I want to finish up, it seems I start a lot of things but am slow at finishing them.  I want to make some pillows out of some stuffed bears I have, the bears take up too much room and I need the pillows for the couch.  I'm going to hang a quilt on one wall, and of course will have one on the couch.  I also want to get a trunk for a coffee table.

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