Monday, October 15, 2012

Winter is coming ..sigh… It’s not that I hate winter, ok but after 55 winters here in Montreal I should be use to it.  It’s dark at 6:30 in the morning now when I’m getting ready for work, it makes me think it’s still night and I should go back to bed.  My sitting room, as the bedroom has become to be known as is coming together.  I have to take some pictures of it.  There are some unique things in it.  The couch my dad made, has a lot of cushions of it that I have made.  The curtains were made by my grandmother.  I wanted little shelves on the wall like shadow boxes but not clear glass on the front.  Instead of having made them I bought Kleenex boxes at the dollar store.  These are made of wood with the cutout on the top[ to let the Kleenex out and the bottom slides outs  so you can put a new box in.  The boxes were painted black then the side with the opening was screwed to the wall.  So looking at it, it looks like a shelf that has s sliding door on the front.  I love it. All my Baby Face dolls are in the room now.  These dolls were only manufactured in 1991,1992.  They are all the same doll really except the facial expressions are different.  Most have blue eyes and blonde hair but there are a few with different colored hair.  The table runner that I made from the Dresden plate design fits perfectly as a seat cover on the bench.  Here is what the dresden plate looked like when I first started it.
I’ve put sewing on hold right now, and taking a break to do something different.  The local wool store at Christmas usually has a set of mice in the window.  So I went and got the pattern for the mice, they are by Alan Dart who is from England and they are the cutest set of mice.  This weekend I finished 2 mice and have the pieces made for another one.  I’ve made one out of finger weight yarn and one out of DK(as the pattern calls for). I’d like to make a lot of them along with the sewing pattern I have for mice, and then have them on display on a box that is behind the couch in my sitting room.

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