Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I will look high and low under and over...

February 19th already, the winter is coming to an end.  I have a hate love relationship with February, it is a short month ok one day less does count as a short month, but then there are no holidays in February. Most people have some of kind of holiday, but not here in Quebec we return after New Year’s and the next holiday is Easter, which is not till March 29th this year.  It has been a long winter, I started a “new” job at the end of January, well I’m still doing the same thing I’ve done for the last 25 years answering to the same boss, but am getting paid more for it. I also had a leg infection for the last month or so, and its finally cleared up with antibiotics. So all in all I did not get a lot of sewing done.
  I did finish some things this weekend, I finally finished the mini quilt that was in the previous post, I also finished a purple mini quilt, and a cushion to go with it. 
I finished 3 cushions, ok well almost finished them,  I just need to stuff them. 
 I also finished sewing the Dresden plates I’m working on to the background blocks. Will sew them together this weekend or maybe will get a chance during the week to do it.  I’m doing some cross stitch bears on white cotton, ok its 90% cotton.  I bought the material at a second hand store in Ottawa when I was there a few weeks ago.  I’ve cut the material up and am doing the bears in cross stitch on them, when I’m finished enough bears or tired of doing cross stitch I’ll sew them together to make a baby blanket.    I Finally got to my favorite quilt store this Saturday.  It’s on the south shore, and Montreal being an island it means going across a bridge, which can be slow for any reason. Well Saturday was a nice day so we went over, I do love this store it’s not big but has some beautiful material and the ladies that work there are always so friendly.  It’s on an Indian reservation, so I get to look at all the Indian crafts when I am there. Also there is no tax, so I save 15% right off.  I picked up the orange that I need for the border to Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt, some white cotton, because I seem never to have any white material on hand. I have been thinking of doing a wall hanging and maybe trying my hand at applique, so I picked up some blue that looks like water, some blue that looks like sky and some green for trees and a meter of this material that looks like birch trees.
I also want to make a mini quilt using the blocks that are in the purple mini quilt but doing the inner squares in different colors then the outer square in white.  I made the mini quilt using a paper piecing method that I found on the net.  Do you think I could find it again, well I am stubborn and after searching for a few hours, I decided I must of saved it, and of course http://www.quiltime.com/quilts_pdf/ddiamond.pdf I finally found it, the squares are printed at the bottom of this pdf. I now have something on my agenda for this weekend.

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