Monday, January 28, 2013

minatures .. what a joy

I decided that I wanted to try my hand a minature quilts.  I have a huge collection of dolls and figured they could use  some quilts.  I did a search on the net and found some interesting patterns for some minature quilts.  I decided to try this one

The squares are very small.  Here is a pic of them with a quarter in between.
I worked on it most of Saturday and just loved it.  It was like doing a minature puzzle.  While doing it I kept thinking I'm never throwing out even the smallest pice of material.  As you can tell it is using paper piecing, this is the first time I've used this technique and I really enjoyed it.   Here is the top finished. 
It measures 12" by 12".  I'm quilting it now and will take another pic of it then, probably with one of my dolls.  I bordered it with the orange that I had left over from the easystree quilt.  I think that the orange jhas become one of my favorite fabrics.

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