Monday, April 2, 2012

hexagons hexagon... more hexagons

Its' almost Easter, and I started
quilting last May.
I don't know much about quilting,
all I have learned has been through the net or reading in a book. Here in
Quebec quilting doesn't seem to be popular, you would think with 8 months of
cold weather we would be interested in quilts.
There are only 2 quilting stores near me , the one that is 30 minutes
away only offers courses in French and the other one doesn’t offer courses. I
have developed a love for quilting in this past year, it is like creating this
connection to my ancestors. I can remember my grandmother quilting when I was
younger, and a treasured wedding gift was a hand made quilt from my aunt. I was
off work from August 1,2011 till
February 1,2010 during this time I decided I was going to bond with
my sewing machine, so I bought some cheap cotton and decided that there would
be a lot of sewing in a quilt , so set out to create a quilt. Now I started out with a ruler and a pencil
and pair of scissors, it was very time consuming to draw on the fabric the
squares and then cut them out with scissors then sew them all together. After a few months my machine and I came to
an understanding If I changed its needle regularly and used good thread it would
sew the seams I wanted sewn. Now that I
am back at work I wanted something I could take to work with me to work on
during lunch, one day I was surfing the net and found something called paper
piecing, which used 1 inch paper hexagons that you covered and sewed together
to make a hexagon quilt. I found a paper template for a 1 inch hexagon on the
net and printed out tons of the hexagons.
I’ve been working on this quilt now for a month or so, and have
convinced myself that I will finish it.
Here it is as of today, but I have 5 more “diamond” shapes ready to add.

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