Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last night I finished 3 cathedral window pin cushions from
the tutorial at
Which I had sewed this weekend. I like the pincushions but would like to try one leaving the square a little bigger for the turn over and not folding the cushin as many times as they do. I hate the quality of pictures I have, but unfortunately there is not much natural light yet as it is only the geginning of April and am at work most of the day light hours. Will try and take some better one this weekend. I am trying to find a balance on working on
the hexagon quilt and other projects too so that I don’t get bored and give up
on the hexagon quilt. I am determined to finish it. Right now I have 8 of the
diamonds sewn together and have another 5 finished waiting to be sewn. I’ve calculated that the quilt will need to be 8 x 5 diamonds as each diamond is 12 x 19 which will give a finished size of 84 x 95, and then if I want it larger I can add some more black hexagons around the outside. So I need 35 diamonds at 49 hexagons for each diamond which means I need 1715 hexagons with extra hexagons added on the outside to make the edges even.
I also tried the paper piecing pattern to see if I like paper piecing.

Which I found at

I like paper piecing, but after having done one square I realized that I needed to print out more copies of it, if I wanted to make more squares.
I like the idea of paper piecing as that you are sure the squares are
going to be exact, but it will take longer to sew. I want to try the tumbling blocks using the paper piecing technique, but the only paper templates that I have found are the English paper piecing ones or the paper piecing ones in a triangular
one. I worked on a paper template today that will give me a template that does one square and also on the template is one for hand piecing or I can use it as the diamond to machine sew the block. I’ll try then tonight or tomorrow and see what they look like. Did some work on the hexagon quilt last night, I sewed 4 of the 5 diamonds together.
I keep looking at the patterns for sunbonnet Sue and am interested in applique also hubby has 4 pair of jeans that he doesn’t wear anymore, so can use them as the base. I would like to make a baby blanket with sunbonnet Sue and Sam on it and use denim as the base fabric. Haven’t decided what I will work on tonight but this weekend as it is a 4 day weekend, I promised myself that I would machine sew two quilts that have been pinned for months now.

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