Sunday, January 20, 2013

I love weekends

I love weekends I can do some seing.  Working from 8:00 to 4:00 week days doesn't give me much time during the week to get things done.  The problem usually is that i plan on doing more on weekends than there are hours to do them in.  This eeken I was able to accomplish some things.  The  first thing I wanted to do was to get a picture of where I've gotten to on the easy street quilt.  Now for most people this would be an easy job, but not for me.  We are in the middle of winter which means I leave for work in the morning and its dark out and when I get home at night it's dark.   To get the true colors of something you need natural light, which means outside.  Ok got up Saturday morning and it was snowing lightly.  No the best place would be on the clothes line in the back yard, but that would mean trudging through 3 feet of snow carrying the quilt top and clothes pins.  Now I had no motivation to do that, so the problem was going to be how to convince hubby to get the idea to do it for me and think it was his idea.  Well after showing him some of the blogs with what people did to get good pictures of their quilts, he came up with the brilliant idea to hang it on the clothes line and take pictures of it.  Now there is a smart man lol.  

Now the next thing I wanted to do was some work on these 2 1/2 inch squares in 5x5 squares in a baby blanket I've been working on. I was able to get 11 more squares done. Which made it a 3 x 5 (14" )square quilt.  Which is 42" by 70" quilt too big for a baby blanket and with the green borders it just doesn't look babyish so I think I'll add 5 more blocks and make it 4 by 5 which will be  56 by 70 which will make a lap quilt.  So next weekend if I don’t get side tracked.

Now the next thing I have been meaning to do which is boring but important is to backups computer. I have tons and tons of pictures and even patterns on my computer and all my favorites, if my  computer was to crash then it might take me days to get it all back, so just in case it only takes an hour at most to back it all up to my external hard drive, and now it's done.  Then I cleaned up a lot of pictures off my hard drive since I have them backed up.  This is one of the pictures I found on my hard drive.


As you can see I collect dolls and love knitting and crocheting.  This was one of my periods when I knitted Norweign sweaters, Hubby also has ONE.
This was a during a time when I decided some of the dolls needed nightgowns.  The dolls are 3 American Girl Dolls and the other 4 are Baby Face Dolls.  The Baby Face dolls ares some of my favorite dolls.  They are also sitting on my favorite afghan.  The afgan is a pattern I first did over 20 years ago and Its always been my favorite.  It's done in Tunisian crochet.  There are two afgans the other is folded on the right of the picture.



  1. Your Easy Street is beautiful! I too struggle with taking the pictures as well. The days start getting longer soon right?!

  2. thank you for your comment on my easystreet. I hope the days are getting longer, and the temperatures warmer. We're in a cold snap right now with temps around -23F. Brrrrrrrrr