Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday A day closer to the Weekend

Tuesday morning! It is a dull day here in Montreal, but on the warm side for a winter day 36 degrees F or 1 C.  I took this picture this morning from one of the windows on the floor where I work.  It is one of my favorite windows to look out.

Last night I did some work on the Easystreet project, but don’t get a lot of time during the week.  By the time I get home from work eat supper, talk to hubby, I have about 3 hours to do work on something, and I like the last hour before I go to bed to be something that I can sit in the living room and watch tv doing.  So as of now I have done the 16 blocks of  A, and 1 of block B, so still 8 more block B and 12 triangles and the 4 corner triangles, then I Should be able to start putting it together.  I’m interested in seeing what it will look like finished as this was not well planned on my part.  I started by ripping apart theses squares that I had done,  I didn’t like the look of the squares at all, so apart they came.  

Then I wasn’t sure that I even like the colors themselves, but at the time I wanted to buy fat quarters and this was all the store had .  So I decided to try this mystery challenge by Bonnie Hunter.  I worked on the quilt during the 10 days I had off at Christmas,  I was always concerned that I would hit a part where I wouldn’t know what to do.  I was able to follow along the complete time, ok not sure if those flying geese are flying or have crashed, but they are there.  I then needed some other colors to go into the quilt, and I knew I had bought a few different types of black on white prints on my travels, so out came those from my stach. Now let me explain I have two spare rooms upstairs, but do all my sewing at the dining room table.   When I need to press seems which I needed to do often in this quilt, I pull out some spare material and use it as an ironing board.   While I was pressing the pieces from part 2, 3 and probably 4 I uses this Orange fabric I had.  I had bought this a few months back it was very wide material,  made for backing, but I loved the color of it so I bought a meter of it.. Yes here in Montreal we use the metric system and believe me I’m old enough to remember the days before we did, I always remember that a meter is basically 3 inches longer that a yard.   Well I then needed another color added to the quilt so figured why not use it, so that how the orange ended up in this quilt.  Tonight I hope to get at least 3 more of block B done and maybe a triangle or 2.  

Square A there are 16 in this pile and they are bot pressed yet

This is square B 1 finished and 11 more to go 

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