Monday, January 7, 2013

Yes that time of year back to work. Work really is a 4 letter word. I'm getting tired, ok being 56 doesn't help and being in a field (computers) that changes constantly  is difficult. Just when you think you know something they change it on you.
I worked during the Christmas holidays on the easystreet mystery quilt. I spent 10 days catching up, and just like me there was absolutely no planning. I decided to do the mystery quilt as I had  a package layer cake and jelly roll that I had bought a year ago.  I had started a quilt and didn’t like it,  I’m not sure I even like the colors in the layer cake.  I bought it because it was a layer cake and I had read about them but hadn’t seen any.  I live in Montreal, Quebec and there are not may quilting stores here in Quebec. This past weekend I finished 14 of 16 of the main squares in the quilt,  I hope that I can sew at least 2 squares of the 9 I need each night this week.  That way I will only need to do the triangles and put it together by the following weekend.   I’m not sure that is realistic.  If not I’ll just post what I have done.

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