Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Weekend come and gone

I had so many plans for sewing this weekend, but then reality always crops up.  Saturday morning Hubby and I had to meet my brother in the east end of Montreal to pick up grapes.  Every second year my brother wants wine made his wife is the wine drinker, at least it's every second year now, we use to do  it every year.  Not sure why we do it other than he is my brother, as both hubby and I don't drink wine.   We need to meet my brother as I have a van, and he buys like 17 crates of grapes.  We get home the men unload the grapes and take them down into the basement, and spend the next few hours squishing the grapes.  Well there went Saturday morning, then in the afternoon had to pick hubby up from  a hockey practice and then did groceries.  Then Sunday afternoon had a hockey game (hubby coaches a Midget A hockey team).  I was able to get some things done, put a binding on a baby blanket using Pricilla.  This machine is a really nice machine, she just purrrs along.  I love the foot pedal it is really comfortable to use.  Threading the bobbin is easy,.  The strange thing about her is that her wheel turns the opposite of all the other machines I've used, her wheel turns away from you.  I've been trying to do a 24 x 24 inch piece to enter in a contest here at one of our local fabric stores.  I didn't pick a difficult pattern, ok maybe a little difficult as it calls for flying geese.  Simple tho a square and the the geese around the square to form a star pattern.  the deadline is October 31 at midnight. I am at the hand quilting stage, I hope I can get it finished in time.  I have tomorrow off  which is good, but then have different things I have to do.  Go to the motor vehicle burrow and pay for my plates, go and get Apples and carrots, and then take the car to the garage as I have a burnt out head light.

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