Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday that is not really a Tuesday

Tody is Tuesday, but it feels like Monday since Monday was a holiday.  Thanksgiving here in Canada was this past weeken we had a beautiful weekend. But before I get into this weekend I have 1 more photo from along the bike path.

This is are city hall.  I absolutely love the garden in fron of it. 

This weeken was the perfect fall weekend, sunny and warm, yet cool at night.  Now when I say warm I mean around 70, and at night even cooler.  There is alwyas such a fresh smell in the air in the Fall. When geting the groceries this weekend there was this huge display of pumpkins in front of the store.  What would Fall be witout Pumpkins and the color of the changeing leaves.

I have the top finished from the material I bought at garage sales this summer.  I loved the idea of recycling it makes me feel like I am carrying on tradition of my ancestors.

Now it just needs to be pinned and quilted.

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