Friday, October 25, 2013

Some days you just don't

Some day you just don't get done what you want to.  Wednesday was one of those days.  Having the day off I only had 3 things that I wanted to do dye my hair (oops wait I am a natural red head) finish had quilting a baby blanket I'm working on and get some squares sewed for a contest at our local fabric store that is due the 31 of this month.
I had been looking at Kijiji, one of my favorite things to do, well there had been this sewing machine that was posted. I first saw the posting a few weeks ago, and they reposted it again.  They were asking for $75.00 and I offered $50.00 for it.  They accepted it, and since it was only a 1/2hr drive away, hubby and I set off Wednesday morning to get it.  She is a portable, the case is in excellent condition.  I get her home and of course now the question is should I dye my hair or try the new machine.  I take her out of her case, oil her plug her in, and thread her.  Put my foot on the pedal and push, get this wonderful soft purring sound and off she goes with a perfect stitch.  She is absolutely beautiful, her name is Pricilla she is a White.  Will check her model number this weekend and also take a close up of her pedal and this cute little oiling can that came with her.  Remember those small ones where you just pushed the bottom to squirt

The white band around her white side is just a piece of cotton wrapped around so you can put pins there.  A lot of women back then use to do this, unfortunately, after may years it does rubb off some of the decal. See the little oil can in her side compartment? The thing you see underneath her is a light that swivels back and up. I think this is going to be one of my favorite machines.

After checking her out, off hubby and I went to a second hand store, I wanted a small burrow to set under the leaf of the sewing machine to hold some material and supplies, since I had set up in the bay window an area that I will use for my sewing area during the Winter.

We went to Village de Valleur (Value Village, outside of Quebec) they had nothing, so we hearded for NOVA which use to be the VON (Victoria Order of Nurses).  We found 2 different units that would suit my needs, but right there accross from the door is a sewing machine.  Now I don't need another sewing machine.  I have 2 Treadles, 3 electric, and 3 portables.  But one can a girl do when she sees a price of $20.00 and she opens the top and it is a Singer model 99K.  From all that I have read on sewing machines the Singer 66 and 99 were the best machines that Singer made.  I looked at Huuby and said "We don't have the room for another sewing machine", he laughed told the lady it is going home with us, she can always find a place for it.  There was a bench with it for 20.00 but I din't want it, the sales woman advised me to look in it tho as there were parts that went with the machine in it.  I imediatel saw the button hole attachement,  I remeber my grandmother haveing the exact same one.  She showed me how to make buttonholes with it when I was around 10.  In the stool were also 3 tins of different stuff, mixture of needles threads, and parts for the machine.  So all 3 tins cam home with the machine.

Meet Twiggy, she got her name as she has a smaller shoe print thatn my other machines.

Of course the manuals for the machine and the buttonhole maker were with it, some extra babbins.  Also if you notice with the bobbins there is a long type boobin.  This bobbin is the one that one of my treadles use, I priced them at a Singer store just a few weeks ago, they were 22.00 each.  This one was in one of the tins with buttons in it.

She runs but the upper tension mechanism is missing a few parts,  I'll get the parts at the Singer store then she should run just fine.

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