Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday morning Grumble

To start with I had a nice weekend,  I had planned to do alot of quilting, but didn't get as much done as I wnated to.  I took my Singer 760 into the repair shop on Thursday night, and picked it up on Saturday.  She works fine, she needed the cleaning and a few parts replaced.  Her feet were just warn out. 
My son and I have gone on diets.  I need to lose alot of weight and I keep tring to remind myself that this weight is not going to come off over night, it's going to take quite awhile and to just enjoy each little step at a time.  After only a week I feel like its easier to walk and bend down.  This is not a hard diet to stick to, you just  cut out all starch and only protein is (eggs, chicken and fish) and you can eat as many apples as you want.  So Saturday hubby and I spent the morning doing groceries, carrots and turnips were on sale at one grocery store, chicken at another, an I wanted to get the apples from a farmer.

Our "fabric store" here in quebec has a quilting contest on this month and I thought I would give it a try.  The piece has to be 24 x 24 inches, there are 3 categories Pieced Appliqued or Art.  So I decided on making this block

I am not good at making Flying Geese, so procastinated for awhile, then read in the instructions, that there were directions for making the flying geese without waste.  Looked at the instructions and thought and puzzled, and decided why not try.  Well they turned out perfect and were easy to do.  I'm so glad I tried the flying geese this new way.

Now for my Grumble.  When I think of quilting I think of my grandmother sitting at a quilting frmae, hand quilting a quilt she was working on.  Bach then quilts were made from old clothing.  I love the quilts my grandmother and Aunt made.  I started quilting wanting to do what they did, but not as easy as I thought it would be.  Back when my grandmother quilted most clothes were made from cotton, and the thread they bought back then was even cotton.  Today most clothes are made from polyester.  So off to the store to buy some cotton.  Now comes my grumble.  I see all theses pictures of quilts from quilt shows, and the thing that stands out on most of them is not the color or how the different shapes were put together, but rather the quilting design that their longarm has done.  Am I missing something here? I like the look of a quilt that has been hand quilted to show off the design of the quilt not to over powere it.  Finished grumbling for the mment.  Wish I was at home sewing, instead of being here at work.

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