Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Day In Paradise


Sunday was such a beautiful day here in Montreal.  The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect.  Hubby coaches Hockey, he has volunteered to coach Midget for the last 5 or 6 years, it's his bonding time with the guys.  Sunday I dropped him off at the arena and knew he would be there for at least 2 hours.  So me and Buddy (my big dog) decided we were going for a drive along the lakeshore, as it was so beautiful out. I'll post some of the pictures over the next few days, it amazes me that here I am living in a major city that is also an isalnd, and yet there are still many "country" things to do.  we saw people walking along the water front, people riding along the bike paths, people fishing, boating and sailing.

Now you might here me complain alot about living on an island, now this is a big island, and to get off an isalnd one must go across a bridge.  The bridges, lets just say that I think most of our tax dollars go to repairing those bridges, and of course construction here is done during the summer.  The summer is when everyone heads off Island for the weekends.  To get off Island to the south there are 3 main bridges,  do construction on 1 of them and there are major traffic jams on the other 2 on Friday afternoons. As I have mentione before we have a trailer about 1 1/2 hours outside the city, that's on a day when the traffic is good, on a bad day....Ok enough of that, Summer is over and the trailer is closed up for the Winter and construction is over for this year.

So here is a picture of the area I drove along on Sunday.
I've lived in the same house for 57 years, my dad built it a fes years before I was born. I can still remember when the West Island was considered the country if you lived in the city, and most of the homes in the area were Summer cottages.  When I was young I still remember going to the top os our street and visiting a girlfriend that lived on a farm, and we would go horese back riding.  Now you would not find a farm anywhere on the Island.  Even tho we are in one of the suburbs of Montreal we are only a 20 minute car ride to the center of the city.  The population of the island is roughly 1,866,481 people, we are the largest city in Quebec, but are diffeent in many ways.  The city is mostly bilengual speaking French and English, with the West Island being mostly english.


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